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Thank you for your interest in EZ Process Pro Software.  On this page you will be able to view some of the videos that walk you through a few of the many magnificent features that make EZ Process Pro unique.  The videos which you have access to view are highlighted.  Of course these are only videos of some of the many remarkable features included in the EZ Process Pro System.  Please contact our offices at (713) 568-1331 or click below to gain complete access to the remaining videos.  Keep in mind EZ Process Pro offers Retail, Distribution, Consignment, and Franchise software so please let your representative know which version you are interested in .

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Time Clock

Welcome Page

Setting Up System

Settings - Section 1
Settings - Section 2
Settings - Section 3
Settings - Section 4
Settings - Section 5
Your Free Website
Add / Edit Category
Add / Edit Manufacturer
Add / Edit Vendor
Add Finish / Fabrics
Add Options
Add Items / Groups
Add Non-Inventory Items
Enter Inventory Barcode / Manual


Make Sale

In Stock
Full Catalog
Quick Sale
Example Sales Receipt
Quick Cash Register Sale
Staff Personal Area

Customer File

Search Customer
Take Payment
Edit Instructions
Edit Delivery Date
Bring Back
Edit Sale
Cost and Price List



Purchase Order Generation, Tracking, Receiving, & Entering Invoice
Generate PO for Stock 
Open To Buy
Inventory and Buying Reports
Bin Inventory


Pick List & Delivery
Confirm Delivery
Generate & Confirm Back Order Memo
Repair /Service Memo
Generate & Confirm Transfer Memo 

Human Resources

Enter & Modify Employee
View & Modify Time Clock


Finance Department

View Finance Department Reports
Confirm Finance Payment
View All Credit Checks
Print/Send In House Revolving Bills
Create InHouse Financing Sales
Managing InHouse Financing "Account"


Sales Reports (Text and Graph) 
Supervisor Reports for Sales, Payments, Quick Cash, Refunds, Quotes (end of day tracking) 
Supervisor Reports for Delivery, Back Order, Repair, Bring Back, Transfer, and Services (end of day tracking) 
Cash Drawer Report 
Items Sold by Sales Person 
Advertising Reports 
Commission / Spiff Reports 
Inventory Adjustment Reports 
Additional Fee Report


Inventory Receiving
Inventory Shipping
Bring Back
Scheduled Repairs
Merged Operations Calendars
Merged Personal Calendars 

Financial Reports 

Revenue Report 
Expense Report 
Accounts Receivable
Add/ Edit Asset Type and Asset 
View Asset Report 
Income Statement 
Balance Sheet 
Tax Reports (W2. W3. 941. 940) 
General Ledger (Chart of accounts, Modify GL, GL Report) 
Tax Exempt Sales Report

Accounts Payable
Add Payable Category & Account
Enter and Edit Payable Invoices
Credit Card Invoices
Credit Request Tracking View
Pay Payables

Advertising Area 

Add / Edit Category & Expenditures 
View  Advertising Calendar
View Locations (Security Cameras) Message Board  •Create Message 
View Sent, New & Saved Messages

Export to EXL

Reprint Receipts and Memos


Retake Inventory 
Change Inventory 
Change Sales Cost 
Change Asset Cost 
Change Default Cost / Price


Print Price Tags (By Item, By Location, By Group, By Set) 
Design your own tags 
Print Barcodes

EZ Process Pro Software was the first & still is the leading Internet-based Furniture Software System

We know there is a lot of information out there concerning Furniture Software. (We've been there ourselves.) Let us make your life a little easier.

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