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It doesn't get any easier than this

EZ Process pro was developed as an automated solution. By eliminating the need to manually post and move data, can be certain that the necessary actions took place guarantee the reports being generated are accurate.    During our experiences with other software solutions, we noticed that many operations were left up to a person’s actions.  The problem was that if the person forgot to do a single procedure or they made a mistake while doing it, the software would be ripe with errors and the data integrity was unreliable.  Most features in EZ Process Pro are controlled by a setting.  Each setting tells the when to automatically post or move information.  Examples include when to post commission calculations, when to reserve merchandise,  at what point should goods be ordered , and when to reverse a sales tax.  By automating processes such as these, we leave you and your staff free to focus on the important things such as the growth of your business.

EZ Process Pro was designed with the computer novice, beginner, or computer illiterate in mind. We realize that you are in the furniture industry because you know furniture, not complicated computer programming. We have maintained this idea throughout the production process, and employ several "novices" to test our program. If they don't understand it, we change it!

People commonly ask “ I don't know anything about computers. How difficult is EZProcessPro™ to learn?”  When we started out, neither did we. We were in the furniture business after all, not the computer industry. We started out by hiring several top programmers. They worked diligently putting our ideas together that were drawn on paper, to form the original version of EZProcessPro™.

Every feature and function in the system is controlled by permissions.  If a person does not have permission to access a certain area, they won’t even see the button or link.  This makes it effortless for them to learn to navigate the system. 

We named the program EZ Process Pro™ for a good reason.  It's easy!

EZ Process Pro Software was the first & still is the leading Internet-based Furniture Software System

We know there is a lot of information out there concerning Furniture Software. (We've been there ourselves.) Let us make your life a little easier.

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