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Work with a business that understands yours

As you read thru the information in our website, one thing will become abundantly clear.  We know what we are talking about.  We know your business and we know your problems.  Let s just say we feel your pain!  Why?  We have been there!!
The founders of EZ Process Pro managed the sales and operations at one of the top retail stores in Houston Texas.  

During our years in the family furniture business, numerous times it was said, "There has to be a better way!"  We found ourselves working till late hours, losing money on stolen or misplaced inventory, over paying commissions, buying the wrong products, accidently selling discontinued items and feeling like the only thing we could do to make the company grow was to work harder.”

“We purchased numerous programs that we thought would solve these problems. None of them did.  We were left with expensive / hard to use software, outdated hardware, and dashed hopes.”

In an interview, founder Jill Lucien was asked why she got in to the software business her response…

“There has to be a better way!"

"I wanted to give the average business owner a better solution, at a fair price, that makes their quality of life better while their businesses can still expand. My goal is to give them an easy to use solution that they can afford.  A solution that will give them to tools they need to grow and manage their business while giving them their life back!  Something I did not have growing up because my dad did not have EZ Process Pro”

When you become a EZ Process Pro client you know these words are truly from the heart.  The founders are very involved in their business.  They want to learn about your company so that they can help you with any and all of your needs by finding not just a solution, but the best solution to any question.  They want to hold your hand and help you grow.  That dedication and compassion truly make EZ Process Pro different from any other software provider.


The designers of EZ Process Pro™ have over 23 years of experience in the furniture industry, including retail, imports, and distribution.

Through our valuable experiences, we have found that organization, efficiency, and the ability to learn from your own mistakes (or someone else’s) are the three crucial keys needed to make your company a success. We incorporated these rules into designing software, and are now the fastest growing software provider in the furniture industry.  Too many software systems try to force companies to fit into their parameters.  It is like buying a shoe that is two sizes too big or too small and expecting to walk in them comfortably.  Instead, we chose to develop our software to fit our customers thru a massive systems setting module that allows the software to reprogram itself to fit each of our clients’ needs. Examples include “at what point in the sale do you pay commission; at what point in the sale do you reserve goods; and do you want to subtract special term finance fees from commissions” these are just a few of the numerous controls an EZ Process Pro customer has over their environment.  By developing our product based on the wants and needs of the people truly using it, we have been able to stay on the forefront of technology in our industry.

Unlike many other software providers, we never stopped bettering our product!!  The people involved in the design and development of EZ Process Pro are the same people that go on site and consult for our new and existing clients.  If there is a problem the software cannot solve, we build a solution.  This keeps the system up to date with current needs and ever evolving problems in the furniture industry. 

Our system was originally designed to allow a small business to grow without a lot of the added expenses that you would have with most other systems.

Unlike other software, the EZ Process Pro system is all inclusive which means you get everything! We do not nickel and dime you over modules that should be included.  You do not have to buy pre printed forms from us or anyone else. Everything prints on plain white paper and will be programmed to use your logo and letter head.  Features like time clock, payroll, price tags, accounting, bar-coding and security camera systems are included at no additional fee. Most importantly you are always on the newest version of our software so you never have to worry about purchasing another system or upgrading ours.

EZ Process Pro is MUCH, MUCH more powerful than most products developed for the furniture industry. We were the first and remain the only TRUE 100% web-based solution in our market. The software includes everything you will ever need to run your company’s dales, operations, accounting human resources, tagging and financing.  It even has an integrated ecommerce website.  We are considered the only integrated “Total Business Solution” for the furniture in industry. In fact, the automated reoccurring layaway & In House charging feature has contributed to a major increase in clients’ revenue by giving them a way to get paid on their layaways and In-house finance deals automatically. With this new feature alone the system pays for itself in the first month.

Gaining control of your business and your life doesn’t get any easier than this!  Take the first step today and call our offices.

EZ Process Pro Software was the first & still is the leading Internet-based Furniture Software System

We know there is a lot of information out there concerning Furniture Software. (We've been there ourselves.) Let us make your life a little easier.

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