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"Our Company has grown from 4 stores to 10 since we started using this great system. We were used to doing everything by hand, fax, and email to keep everything organized. We now do everything online, thanks to EZ Process Pro. 

Our Favorite features are sales, ordering and shipping to keep track of every single purchase and maintain happy Customers by accessing the system from anywhere! And any time!

We used many programs in the past, but there is no other program as complete and easy to use as EZ Process Pro.

Since we started the program Mrs. Jill trained our team for FREE with patience. She embraced us with her great teaching skills. She is not only our mentor but a very good friend. 

Thanks to EZ Process our family vacations are longer, we now can relax and enjoy our trips longer."

With Love,
Canales Family - Canales Furniture

"The name & web address says it all."

"Anyone will look & operate like a professional with the EZ Process Pro system.  You can tell a furniture professional created this system which is simple & effective.  Payroll, order fulfillment, billing, tracking, delivery, pricing & more….. anything you can think of is here.  Chain stores or mom & pop thank you…Thank you EZ Process Pro."


Karl Berry - Metropolitan Furniture

How has EzProcessPro helped grow your company?

"The biggest benefit I wasn't planning on is the ability to track and measure our advertising dollars against the sales they bring. Over the last few years that feature has been the largest factor in deciding how we allocated our advertising funds and has had the biggest impact in increasing our sales of any single factor within the business."
How has EzProcessPro helped organize your company?
"That's a long list, there are no areas EZPro hasn't helped us to organize. Inventory, P.O. process, Advertising, Item/Group Performance, Sales Metrics, Goal setting and the list goes on."
What are your favorite features and why?
"A. Web access  B. Sales Measurement  C. Advertising Tracking"
How is the ease of accessing your system from anywhere helped you?
"Its simple I can work from anywhere! I can track sales and run reports from where ever I am. More over I am not worried about servers and back ups, I know those are handle for me so its one less important business asset I have to maintain or worry about."
Any personal stories you wish to contribute about EzProcessPro
"We break our business down in five areas: Operations, Merchandising, Display, Advertising and Sales. The EZProcess system is the linch pin in the organization, measurement and improvement of four of those five areas! We couldn't grow like we have with out it."

How do we compare to previous software you have used?
"Previous systems were all very antiquated, there were tied to local servers, didn't have web access and were excessively expensive to buy and to support."

Chris Long - Signature Furniture

EZ Process Pro Software was the first & still is the leading Internet-based Furniture Software System

We know there is a lot of information out there concerning Furniture Software. (We've been there ourselves.) Let us make your life a little easier.

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