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Manufacturer Catalog Integration

Save Time!  Tie in to the top manufacturers!

Top manufacturers automatically update your product pictures and costs so that your system and website are always up to date.

Connect to your vendors system directly to view inventory, place orders as well as keep up to date catalogs and prices.  We make it easy!

Always Up to Date Catalog and Website:

EZ Process Pro works with MyInfoHouse to bring all the product information from the biggest names in manufacturing to your fingertips.   The easiest way to manage your catalogs on both your software system and your website is to let someone else do it for you.  Thru MyInfoHouse  EZ Process Pro ties directly to manufacturers like Ashley to load all of the catalog pictures, item information, & costs specific to your company directly in to your EZ Process Pro software system and website .   Not only does this make it fast and easy to get your software populated with all of your product information (something that can be a time consuming a daunting task on other systems) , but it also ensures your information is always up to date and accurate.

Never worry about out of date systems or websites again.  TheMyInfoHouse feature is so powerful that the your software and true e-commerce website will receive regular updates daily weekly or monthly including new product, new prices, new catalog pictures.  It will even mark old product as discontinued so that your staff does not accidently sell something that you can no longer get.  
EZ Process Pro has even taken it a step further by putting control of these updates in your hands. Your software system will have a summary of any changes that are being suggested and you then have the opportunity to approve or decline the changes. 

You can rest easy knowing your system and your website will always have the most up to date information on it.  More importantly,  it will do so with little to no work on your part.

Information Accuracy Allows Direct Ordering Integration:

Tired of spending extensive hours generating purchase orders or your vendors selling out of items you need?   MyInfoHouse gets all of the data directly from the manufacturer so you can trust that the item information matches exactly what is in the picture (unlike other services that claim to have access to the information but are actually just spidering the web for it).  Being confident that the information is accurate allows EZ Process Pro Software to completely automate the process of ordering and reserving product from your manufacturers.  EZ Process Pro can connect directly to manufacturers systems for customer and stock orders.  In many cases, it can even automatically reserve and order the goods from your manufacturer directly from your sale entry or payment process. 

Making it EZ for you to maintain your system and communicate with your vendors is just one way that EZ Process Pro ensures you have the time to focus on the important things such as growing your business.


EZ Process Pro Software was the first & still is the leading Internet-based Furniture Software System

We know there is a lot of information out there concerning Furniture Software. (We've been there ourselves.) Let us make your life a little easier.

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