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Integrated E-Commerce Website

Custom built e-commerce and SEO ready websites

Eliminate extra work!  You system and website communicate.
Sales auto enter into the system.
Clients make payments online.
Your system and your website are always up to date!

EZ Process Pro has been developing integrated websites to communicate with our clients systems for many years.  We have always felt there is strong value in having a system that runs your entire company, interact directly with your web marketing and e-business.  Since EZ Process Pro was the first true 100% web based solution in our industry it has allowed us to do things other systems could not, such as make our systems and websites communicate. 

EZ Process Pro prides itself in offering a total business solution to their clients, 


We have nothing to gain but your satisfaction by making your company grow.  There are some strong benefits to having your system and website communicate.


  • Directly linked to your system
  • Easier to maintain product
  • See all orders in your system
  • Keep track of layaways just like if the sale was made in the store
  • Allow customer to make a payment on layaway from your website even if they bought in the store
  • Integrated with all Management and Financial Reports meaning all sales made on the website will be included in your reporting and based on the location website
  • Able to reserve merchandise just like when a sale is made in the store (if YOUR reserve criteria is met)
  • Client can log in to see the status of their orders, because as you update the order status on your system it will also do so in the website

Below are the features included in the free website:

  • Graphic rich Home Page with Custom Added Pictures for marketing such as banners and specials (you have access to update specials and banners)
  • Location List – Auto updates as you add locations to your EZ Process Pro system connected to Google Maps
  • Contact Us – Reads from the contact information on your EZ Process Pro system and can be modified from there.  Includes email forms for the customer to send emails to you
  • Fully functioning integrated catalogs divided by category that read from both your systems database.  Customizable to limit certain manufacturers or categories that you only want in your system but not on the website
  • Automated item pricing.  Much like your EZ Process Pro system, the items on the website can read from your systems prices or you can have the location “website” have different pricing them your store.
  • Ecommerce Capable Shopping Cart with Merchant service Capability (charge the customer’s credit card on website)
  • About Us – graphic rich page which can be modified from your systems website management tool
  • SEO is a built in part of website – no additional fee
  • Customer Login to track orders and make layaway payments.  This information will read directly from your system and talk directly to your system.  No outside website can do this.
  • Layaway Payments – update your systems payment records and emails the customer a payment receipt. 
  • Finance Company Approval -  Connection to finance company application and approval response to complete a sale
  • Directly integrated into Manufacturers -  For those manufacturers working directly with EZ Process Pro, your system and website can speak to them for updates.
  • Delivery Controls- Flexible based on your company.  You can set your delivery areas and the fees to those areas or connect to some of the manufacturers drop ship services for applicable product.
  • Google Analytics – analyze where your visitors are coming from, what they looked at on your site, and how long they stayed
  • Customer Data Capture for email marketing thru your EZ Process Pro system.
  • Completely Responsive website (changes layout and size so that the website looks good on desktops, laptops, tablets, or phones)
  • Connection to Ashley drop ship program (future customization)
  • Optional integration into: youtube, facebook, twitter, and email marketing

There are 3 key points to remember:

  1. System and Integrated Website (talk to each other): Any item that is added to the system can be automatically added to the website and any item that is discontinued from the system is automatically removed from the website. You can choose to limit which manufacturers and categories you want on the website, as well as set different pricing on the website from what is on the showroom by adding a website location to your EZs Process pro system. 
  2. Automation:  Since the item databases match, any sale made on your website (if you choose to turn on e commerce) will automatically ring up as a sale in your system under the sale location website.  This is important because if the system and website did not talk you would have to manually key in every sale and back enter the money collected.  Since they do communicate, everything is automated.  A sale made on your website will be charged by your credit card processing account or marked as approved for financing.  The system will then follow thru as if it’s a normal sale reserving or ordering the merchandise and then setting it up for delivery.  Only EZ process Pro websites can communicate directly with EZ Process Pro.  The money is then tracked the same as a regular sale in the system however you can pull reports specific to the website location.

Catalog Clearing House:  We are now integrated with Ashley as well as other major manufacturers to grab all item information, item updates, discontinued item notices and costs specific to your company on a nightly basis.  This will make it so that you no longer have to maintain any of the Ashley catalogs in your system or your website. This feature alone will eliminate mistakes of accidently selling discontinued merchandise, eliminating the need to do catalog updates therefore saving valuable time, and ensure your system is always working off of the correct item cost for pricing purposes.   We give you a place to store and upload all your other catalog pictures that are not auto updating so that the system can pull them and the catalog clearing house manufacturers together to give you a complete sales catalog.  EZ Process Pro also directly connects to any manufacturer or distributor using our system so your retail purchase orders can be automated as well.  

EZ Process Pro Software was the first & still is the leading Internet-based Furniture Software System

We know there is a lot of information out there concerning Furniture Software. (We've been there ourselves.) Let us make your life a little easier.

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