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Auto Charge Customer Payments

We at EZ Process Pro are excited to announce the complete integration of Merchant Service capabilities into the EZ Process Pro system. Your system now has the ability to process credit & debit card transactions through the Make Sale, Take Payment, Create Refund, and Quick Cash Register areas in the system. There is also a permission controlled EZ Charge feature that allows charges unrelated to sales. Along with this feature comes functionality such as automatic reoccurring charges for layaways and in-house financing.

This feature has proven to:

  • Increase revenue (getting payments on open layaways and IH financing that otherwise might not pay).
  • Increase efficiency (automating previously manual processes of recording payments & mailing a receipt eliminates costly human labor and possible mistakes).
  • Decrease processing fees (ensuring each card is processed at the lowest possible rate).

Auto Charge Benefits

  • Eliminate a time consuming collection process on accounts that are not paying - No longer worry about sending letters or making calls to customers who have not come in to pay on their Layaway or In house Finance account.   You can set them to auto charge on a weekly or monthly basis and the system will email them a receipt as well as update the account in the system.  If they don’t clear then it will try again every day until they do, or until you get a new card
  • Costly and time consuming mailing of payment receipt for payments made by mail The system will email an actual payment receipt to the client
  • Clients account not being updated properly -   When payments are send by mail or made in person you risk recording errors or in some instances the payment may slip thru the cracks and not get recorded at all.  Now payments will happen automatically and the dollar amount as well as the payment  type will match exactly with the actual payment that was drafted from their account
  • Many State Laws require the company to return a major % of collected funds if the client stops paying on layaways.   Adding the auto charge will minimize the exposure to these laws
  • Loss of profit due to sales not reaching fruition - Ez Process Pro can help you pull a report to see just how deep this problem is for your company.  The auto charge feature will instantly increase your revenue.
  • Trouble budgeting due to lack of confidence in receivables - Now you will be able to pull a report to tell you how much money will auto charge by date so that you can budget money based on more solid revenue estimates.
  • Having to store credit card info for COD sales (which is against PCI compliance) - You can now set up a 1-time auto charge for the COD’s.  The credit card info is saved at the merchant service facility rather than on your system, the charge request is automatically submitted based on the date that you enter
  • Delivering goods and never getting paid for them.  If your company offers In House financing, there is always a possibility the client will not pay.  Limit your risk by automatically drafting the payment form their checking account or credit card on a weekly, semi monthly or monthly basis.
  • Don’t store credit card info on a slip of paper or even on your computer - The credit card is never saved on your system and goes directly to the merchant service provider.  They hold the info and provide a code to the system that represents the client (a token).  These tokens are what is held in your system and every time their card needs to be charged the token is what gets submitted.

We have entered into an agreement with the merchant service provider as a buying group and have been able to pass on extremely low rates to our clients.

You can begin making money now. The application process is simple, and there is no contract.  Click here to fill out and submit the application to us directly.


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